Web Development Process

Webb-Master.com Web Development Process

Details of the process we will work together


Idea Analysis

We will discuss your ideas and what you truly looking for in your new or redesigned site.

Who is your competition? What are they doing? What can we do better than they are doing?

If this is a site redesign, we will discuss what is working and what isn’t working on your current site.


We will discuss your website look and feel, website contents, your customer base, budget for web development, and web development timeline. We can review and revise as appropriate.

Design and Development

We will determine whether we should use a Content Management System (CMS) or a custom-designed site, a CMS with some custom content.

We will put together your site layout including your logo and navigation structure.

Most site owners will want to use a CMS. Why? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Content & Copy Editing

At this stage, we will put together the copy (text) for your site. I will work with you to ensure your planned content is grammatically correct, well formatted, and is appealing both to your visitors and search engines.

We will create the site pages including some the content and images. We can work with you to use your existing images, locate open-source images, or arrange for professional photography as needed. We will use colors and images that complement your brands, content, products and services.

Coding & Customization

When using a Content Management System, I will work with you to create customizations where appropriate, to allow your site to look unique while providing the functionality that you desire. I code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and Perl. I will determine the most appropriate technology to convey the functionality that is desired.

Each page will include a title unique within the site, and includes meta information such as description and keywords which will help with Search Engine rankings.

Testing & Approval

I will test every page for broken links, browser compatibility and slow loading pages and images. I will test for HTML and CSS code validation and spell checking. Functional testing will be completed, including registration, contact forms, etc.

I will work with you to test your Development site to meet your needs and your targeted customer base. After Development approval, we will deploy your site to Production and do additional testing to confirm your site is ready for the world to see.

I will submit your site to the major search engines. You can also promote your site by providing the URL in advertisements, emails that you send, business cards, social networks, etc.

Site Maintenance and/or Site Maintenance Training

As you prefer, I will work with you to either setup a maintenance agreement, or documentation to support you ability to maintain your own site. You may of course delegate the responsibility for maintenance to another person. Once we have completed your site, it’s up to you how and whether we continue to interact.